Szigliget Half Marathon (English) - Futniszé
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Szigliget Half Marathon

Run through the Hungarian Monte Carlo!

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Időpont: 2017. szeptember 16.
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  • Start of every categories: 12:00
  • 21k women and men individual, duo and trio semi-marathon
  • 9k new category: individual  “almost” quarter-marathon
  • 6k shortrun
  • From 14:30 results
  • Eating bream
  • Eating walleye
  • Dance & party:)

Dear Friends!

Who knows, how many connections can be found between Tihany and Szigliget? Well, there are some… Both of them are peninsulas, conservation area and both of them have special places. Both of them are jewellery boxes, where you can run, eat & drink, have a bath or a walk etc. But above these, there is another connection too:  The next chapter of our loved semi-marathon of Tihany took place, when “full” table had to be placed on it, so that time, on 1st October 2016, the younger brother of  Tihany Semi-Marathon was born.
In 2016, we jumped into the second chapter, and we decided that if the younger brother comes, it should come in Szigliget or nowhere else. The pre-registration became full within 32 hours, and a little later we raised the number of participants, and God blessed us (1000 runners) with such a beautiful summer day… We would like to improve many minor details, to make the not so tiny Szigliget Semi-Marathon even nicer and better. By now, we may see, what are those milestones, that make our two little races nicer and better, and we would like to improve them. Every track is different, but due to environmental conditions, the two races have quite similar (almost identical) conditions. Therefore, we would like to implement the same points into Tihany and Szigliget while keeping them unique…


  1. 16th September 12:00: it will start earlier, perhaps we will be able to swim this year too! 😀
  2. There is no limitation of participants at the moment, we re-opened in Tihany and Szigliget too, so we do not say anything yet. So limitation of participants: not serious
  3. Showers: well yes, we provide a solution on a very important and basically problematic issue, while YOU CAN HAVE A SHOWER AFTER THE RACE!!!  ( In Tihany, because of the National Park, water can’t be a led away, but here all infrastructure is given, so there are no more excuses: Have a shower!
  4. We were the first who implemented home delivery of start packages in Tihany, making the arrival of more than 800(!) people easier.  We prefer to become the first, but we could be only the second this time, so there will be also home delivery 😀
  5. 21.251 metres: the track is a little bit longer to achieve the semi-marathon distance, but at 21.0975 km, racers run on a carpet, this way we measure the official semi-marathon distance!
  6. Semi-festival: dance & music all day long! #legyentánc
  7. 8 runners: in 4 time categories in total (1:40, 2:00, 2:20 and 2:40)
  8. new category: 9k individual quarter-marathon!
  9. brand new pre-registration system: according to our experiences, discontinuous pre-registration makes distrust not only at us, but at all races around the world. People claimed that they were in the first 300, 500, 1000 and so on. As a response on this transparency, we have developed the so-called absolute system, whose essence is that everybody get deposit notification not in pre-registration blocks, but sequentially. So for example, the first registration: 7001 HUF, the second:  7002 HUF and so on. While the list of names is placed on the webpage too, the registration fee is simple and the most fair: the cost depends on the time of registration; the later you register, the more you pay. Registration starts from 7000 HUF. Our IT-specialists will be ready by 19th March, the test operation is OK, we are looking forward to it! 🙂
  10. location: one of the best places at Balaton remains the same: Szigliget Beach
  11. All in all 87 (!) awards: several age groups (duos and trios absolute 1-2-3, individual 0-20, 21-35, 36-50 and 51+ men and women 1-2-3.). This means at a for instance 1000 members limit, that almost every 10th racers will be awarded!:) With such a surprise!
  12. Crystal cups: we would like to be the first to implement in Szigliget (instead of plastic cups used earlier) very unique and wonderful crystal cups. They will be there…for real…
  13. km traffic signs
  14. mobile toilets at refreshment point.
  15. an even bigger and nicer medal, which (similar to Szigliget) is manufactured in an own workshop, in foundry with special process, equipped with silk tape, which lands on your neck following you enter into the finish line
  16. All in all 5 categories: 6k, 9k and 21k individual, duo, trio.
  17. full new design! We made a decision in Tihany, that we keep the iconic heart pattern, but in Szigliget we base on a very different fundamentals: the medal, the strip and the tape will be re-worked, creating a Szigliget collection. We hope you will like it!:)
  18. The long-fingered high-end technical stuff remains the same
  19. sublimed process: from this year, we would like to give you not a simple strip, but such a top, which is not equal to traditional vignette process, because it is sublimed into the material. Nicer, more durable, more colourful and much better to wear
  20. many good speakers, even more music & dance…
  21. we remain dog-friendly, there will be dog refreshment and arrival treats
  22. all-day-long program, eating & drinking not only for runners
  23. AAAAND…. if already transparency, then let’s agree in equality among genders. In Tihany, we will present the girls a Futniszep bracelet, saying thanks for their participation from the beginning. In Szigliget, the story is different: autumn is coming, and not only the long top is useful , but also the Szf LED visibility armband for darker evenings.
  24. Ao in Szigliget, this will be our present… From us, for You!
  25. and, and, and, and…


  • We remain a “green race”, and as a novelty, after every 1000th visitors, we plant a tree on the beach
  • timing learnt in the most serious races, chip-control and sms following finish
  • the ordinary pro technical runner T-shirt and medal
  • demanding and various refreshment
  • syrupBAR – charity syruping for local pupils for sport stuffs
  • nursery during running
  • wardrobe
  • simple package: minus strip
  • family-friendly race
  • PENCO isotonic drinks in unlimited quantity
  • discounts in local restaurants
  • two-weeks preliminary starter package takeover
  • rain or sunshine, 50%-50%
  • Breams from Uncle Oszi
  • Balaton ♥
  • Szigliget ♥
  • #otttali

Pre-registration: from 19th March 2017, 12:00

All infromation at  Facebookon! Follow!:)

Pre-registration fee for the younger brother of TF, Szigliget, starts from 7000 HUF (with T-shirt, without T-shirt it is 1000 HUF less), and increases by 1 HUF per regsitration.

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How to register?

Dear friends, we know this is difficult for you, as you surely don’t speak Hungarian. 🙂 This is no problem, as long as our registering system does not support English language we try to help you with some instructions. 🙂

  1. Register an account here. To register click on the “Regisztráció” or either log in with your Google+ or Facebook account. If you register a new account, fill the form regarding the picture below.
  2. After clicking on “Regisztráció” (Registration) button you will receive a totally incomprehensible e-mail from us, which ask you to confirm your registration. :))
  3. After you confirmed your account you can log in (here). In the next step you need to add a runner (yourself) to your account. For this, please click on the “Versenyző felvétele” button in the headline.
  4. In case if you will run in team (duo or trio relay) or you would like to apply more runners please repeat the point above (e.g.: add more runners to your account.:)
  5. If you (or your other runners) are all set, you only need to apply for a distance. Click on the “Nevezés” (Apply) button in the headline.
  6. After clicking on “Mentés” (Save) you will receive one more incomprehensible e-mail from us. :)) This contains all the details you just gave us. Don’t be afraid, we help you where to focus to move on! 🙂 Your most important line is the “Nevezési kódod:” this is your registration code which refers you. We can identify you with this code. There is also a line “Nevezési díj:” which is your participation’s price in HUF. To finalize your order you have to transfer the payment to our bank account (see details below), including your registration code (nevezési kód) in the announcement. Bank details: 
    1. Beneficiary name: Bowman and Becker Kft.
    2. Bank: ERSTE Bank
    3. IBAN: HU24 11600006-00000000-78113000
    5. Amount of payment: the amount of the (“Nevezési díj”) + 7EUR (SEPA transaction fee)
    6. Announcement: your registration code (“Nevezési kód”)
      +7 EUR? WTF??? We are very sorry, but the bank charges us for 7 EUR SEPA transaction fee every time someone transfers payment using SEPA. Please keep this in respect. Thank you!
  7. After you are transferred the payment and we received it we will update your status to paid (you can check statuses here, green pipe means paid, red cross means unpaid). You will receive one more totally incomprehensible email from us (at the end you become familiar with the Hungarian language, right? 😀 ) which informs you we received your payment. You will also receive an e-invoice from our accounting address ( Now you are all set to go, just keep follow us, and feel free to contact us in any question you have! 😉
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Race announcement of II. Szigliget Semi-Marathon

Date: 16th September 2017. Saturday – 12:00
Start and finish location: Szigliget Beach, Soponyai road


12:00 –  the start of every category. So: individual 6k, 9k, 21k, and 21k duo, trio and company relay team, the start is performed in phases.

I. General information. Please read through!

  1. Any modification inside categories is possible until 5 August 2017. 12:00.
  2. Dates may vary depending on local and weather conditions!
  3. Pre-registered racers can receive start package from the end of August, we share relevant information in time.
  4. On-site start package reception: on 15th September, from 10:00 to 20:00, and on 16th September from 07:00 to 11:45 in the race centre.
  5. We kindly ask everyone to arrive in time to get the start package, there may be que on the day of the race.
  6. We kindly ask everyone to park on those points, that we referred to on the website, while due to ques, the race might be obstructed.
  7. We kindly ask everyone to bring the confirmation receipt received upon online registration and deposit, along with all necessary personal IDs and liability declarations. You can show the confirmation receipt on mobile phone or tablet too!
  8. Organizers, regarding the reception of registration, reserve the right to make changes regarding categories.
  9. The Organizer notifies the Racers about any changes prior to the start.

II. Racing rules

  1. These racing rules (hereinafter: Rules) concerns the II. Szigliget Semi-Marathon organized on 16th September 2017, whose main organizer is the Bowman and Becker Kft. (2462 Martonvásár, Dózsa György str. 2., company registration nr.: 07-09-027428, tax nr. 25789485-2-07), hereinafter: Organizer. Organizer created the Rules in order to provide fair racing, while informing the Racers.
  2. The Race is announced in individual 6, 9 and 21 km, as well as duo and trio semi-marathon relays on the designated routes. There is no age restriction regarding participating on the Races, in case of Racers under 18, parental approval is required. Organizers set up a rank according to individual and team performance.

III. Registration process

  1. The Organizer provides only pre-registration according to the preliminary plans.
  2. Submission of registration sheet and payment of registration fee are considered as pre-registration.
  3. The Organizer accepts full pre-registration from 19th March 2017, 12:00 to 29th July 2017, 12:00, which contains the reception of registration fee to the Organizer. In this case, the Organizer can guarantee the creation of technical strip for the race. Between 29th July and 2nd September 12:00, pre-registration is still possible, but in this case only the simple package (without technical strip) may be claimed.
  4. You can receive the start package only pre-registered on the day of the race. If there will be an on-site registration upon the Organizer’s decision, then the package is posted, which lasts fro 4-8 weeks.
  5. If there will be on-site registration upon the Organizer’s decision, then it is available until 15th September 2017., 10:00-20:00 and 16th September 2017. 07:00 – 11:45. In case of on-site registration, the technical runner’s T-shirt, the individually manufactured medal and some parts of the start package is posted within 4-8 weeks following the event. In case of on-site registration, we can not guarantee chip time measurement!

IV. Filling the registration sheet, submission of participation

  1. The Organizer ensures both online and paper-based registration sheet to pre-register
  2. The condition of Racers under 18 is to provide parental approval along with the registration
  3. In case of participants above 18, liability declaration is mandatory, which is found on the website (
  4. With online registration, the Organizer automatically receives the Racer’s registration by clicking on the “Send” button, so no forwarding is required. Paper-based registration sheet and parental approval may be submitted in a scanned from via e-mail address, or via the form found in the “Registration” menu point of the
  5. You can not put a signature on the online registration sheet, it enters into force without signature, by accepting the incorporated statement.
  6. If more registrations are submits via the online registration sheet (in case of individuals, more racers; or in case of teams, duo relays, trio relays etc., hereinafter: Other Affected Persons), it is the obligation of the submitter (hereinafter: Customer) to provide appropriate information for any Other Affected Persons about the Racing Rules, and he/she declares by submitting the registration, that Other Affected Persons are informed about the Racing Rules, and accept all points. Regarding any problematic issues, Pre-registrator bears liability that all, registered Other Affected Persons agree with every point, there are no ambiguous point.

V. Dog run

  1. Organizers provide the opportunity to run with pets (hereinafter: Pets), whose details and conditions and obligations are disclosed in the Racing Rules “dog run” paragraph.
  2. Participation with pets is possible only by signing the relevant Liability declaration. In case of denial of signing Liability declaration, Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the runner.
  3. Participants with pets undertake liability to hold Pets during the full time of the race, and because of the crowded start, for security reasons, they start from the very last line, preventing participants to step on Pets. By their signature, they also bear full liability for any accidents caused by the Pet!

Participants with Pets bear liability to take extra care on vehicles and pedestrians passing through, to make participants with pets calm. According to their liability regarding Pets, they undertake to remove any faeces or other waste, and recover any material damages, and the person making the declaration shall bring all necessary tools (plastic or paper bag, rubber gloves etc) with themselves.

VI. The value and payment of registration fee, deadlines

  1. In semi-marathon individual, duo, trio, company relay team, 6 and 9 km Shortrun categories, registration fee always include start package (unique medal for every participant, ship time measurement, individual technical runner T-shirt, start number, medical supervision, complete performance of the organization, refreshment points and gifts presented by sponsors).
  2. In case of pre-registration, registration fee is transferred or deposited by the Racer into the Organizer Bowman and Becker Kft bank account number 11600006-00000000-78113000 held at Erste Bank, providing an electronic invoice. The invoice may be registered printed on-site or provided on smartphone or tablet. In case of bank transfer, for easier identification, the following data of the Racer shall be provided in the ‘comment’ section: NAME + BIRTH NAME + PREPAYMENT REQUEST NR: (eg. Péter Istenes, 1980, D-POMP-10145.) You can transfer registration fees of more Racers at the same time, in this case the Racers data and the number of other racers shall be provided in the ‘comment’ section (eg. Péter Istenes, 1980 + 10 people). In case of transfer of more Racers, Racer’s data and T-shirt sizes shall be provided for the Organizer on any of its availabilities (see later), otherwise their registration is invalid!
  3. In case of transfer of more racers, the invoice will be issued on the Submitter’s name!
  4. The Race accepts 1500 pre-registrations in total.
  5. At registration, You can ask for a “simple package”, in which case the start package does not contain the T-shirt.
  6. At pre-registration, registration fee may vary according to the number of registered applicants. It is important to know, that registration fee depends on the number of submitted pre-registrators in all cases.  While registrations are received by the Organizers in time sequence, we can identify, who registered earlier. Accordingly, the registration fee will be calculated upon the number of applicants at the time of SUBMISSION (so not when sending the generated prepayment request!). It is also worth to mention, that the number does not depend on participants per category, but on the total number.

VII. INDIVIDUAL, DUO, TRIO semi-marathon, in 6 and 9 km SHORTRUN categories:

  • Pre-registration according to absolute system introduced by the Tihany and Szigliget Semi-Marathon. It means that automatic generating of registration fee is managed according to the sequence of registration instead of blocks. The system, according to the developer’s hope, is therefore more transparent and fair. Registration fee starts from 7000 HUF in each category. So the registration fee of the first applicant is 7000 HUF, the second is 7001, the third is 7002 and so on.
  • Attention: the generated prepayment requests do not filter registered but yet unpaid pre-registrations.
  • Duo & trio: the double or triple of the submitted registration, respectively. So if the 7677th registration is a duo/trio, then registration fee is two or three times 7677 HUF.
  • Simple package: in case of package without technical strip, 1000 HUF is automatically deducted from the fee, customized for individual, duo or trio applications.
  • Registration according to the absolute system:
  • 1st applicant: 7000 HUF
  • 2nd applicant: 7001 HUF
  • 3rd applicant: 7002 HUF
  • 4th applicant: 7003 HUF

VIII. On-site registration, refund, force majeure

  1. On-site registration is not available at the moment!
  2. If Organizer decides so, that on-site registration will be available, in case of on-site registration, the registration fee shall be paid in cash, each parts of  the start package are posted following the race (eg. customized Szigliget Semi-Marathon technical runner T-shirt, unique medal etc), chip time measurement in case of on-site registration is not guaranteed.
  3. If the Racer paid the registration fee, but due to any reasons, can not participate on the event, the Organizer, due to administrative reasons and the finalization of stocks, does not refund following the 35th day prior to the race (12th August 2017 00:00).
  4. If the Racer does not participate on the Race, and he/she informs the Organizer earlier than the 35th day prior to the Race (12th August 2017. 00:00), Organizer issues a 100% refund to the Racer.
  5. If such a serious weather condition occurs, that makes the organization of the Race impossible, the Organizer sends a notification, and the event is organized in another date. In such force majeure cases, Organizer is not liable for refunding registration fees.

Start package of pre-registered, however no-show Racer may be received via post, with c.o.d. or prior bank transfer.

IX. Content of registration fee

  1. The registration fee contains the following services and packages:
  2. participation on the Race,
  3. chip time measurement,
  4. unique medal from the foundry of for each participants
  5. insurance of main roads (police, volunteers, civil guards),
  6. healthcare,
  7. common warmup,
  8. Bicycle, then car escort in front of the racers,
  9. start number,
  10. programs during the day,
  11. unique Szigliget Semi-Marathon technical long T-shirt,
  12. water at refreshment points, Penco professional isotonic drink and dextrose, refresher, banana and other fruits, chocolate at finish,
  13. wardrobe opportunity,
  14. medal awarding of rated,
  15. reception of registration package on-site,
  16. and stuffs, brochures offered by the sponsors.

X. The Organizer ranks finishes in the following categories:

    • On 6 km distance
      • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 21-35 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 36-50 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 51+ men and women 1-2-3.
    • 9 km distance
      • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 21-35 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 36-50 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 51+ men and women 1-2-3.
    • 21 km distance
      • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 21-35 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 36-50 men and women 1-2-3.
      • 51+ men and women 1-2-3.
      • Absolute 1-2-3 per team.

The Organizer awards 1-2-3. places in the categories with unique crystal cups, as well as golden, silver and bronze memory plaques.

XI. The day of the race, start

      1. The location ensures meals for Racers and visitors. Meals may be availed following finish.
      2. Main events of the event is announced by the Organizer on the following dates:
      3. Reception of start packages: 15th September 2017. between 10:00 and 20:00, and 16th September 2017. from 07:00 to 11:45.
      4. From 07:00, Szigliget Beach opens
      5. From 11:45, common warmup
      6. 12:00 – start of all categories.
      7. 14:45 – announcement of results

XII. Route

      1. The Organizer designates two types of routes on 6, 9 and 21 km distances. The final route is selected according to the weather conditions, and introduces on the week of the race.
      2. Organizer provides traffic signs (turn signals, buoys etc) on the routes. On phases, cross-sections with traffic, safe crossing is ensured by volunteers, policemen and civil guards.
      3. The Organizer places refreshment points in every 4th km in average, where the Racer can get refreshments (water, Penco isotonic drink, dextrose etc.).
      4. Supporters at the refreshment points provide basic medical care, and immediately inform the Organizer in case of serious injuries, who contacts the doctor at the start-finish line.
      5. Organizer checks the passing through of the Racers in several checkpoints.
      6. The Organizer provides bicycle escort in front of the Racers, and checks the route behind the last Racer by car.

XIII. Information disclosure, contact keeping, information regarding the race

  1. Organizer discloses information regarding the race on and websites. For information. Organizer is not liable for information appearing elsewhere.
  2. Organizer publishes photos taken during the race on the sites listed above. If the Racer is not willing to publish photos taken from him/her, the Racer shall turn to the Organizer in written form, where the start number must be provided.
  3. Contact keeping opportunities with the Organizer: by phone – +3620 375 6116 or by mail – e-mail address. Organizer does not guarantee to answer other questions.
  4. Each applicant may apply for one distance.
  5. Start number shall be placed on the T-shirt, on a well-visible location. Start number is received by the applicants along with the clips.
  6. The Organizer disqualifies the Racer, if the application is not duly filled (eg. date of birth), the start number is folded, clipped not onto the front of the T-shirt, unfair behaviour is experienced against other racers (deliberate pushing, tripping etc.).
  7. For the period of the race (from pre-registrations to the announcement of results), these Rules are deemed as mandatory by both the Organizer and the Racer, nevertheless the Racer signed the registration sheet or not (electronic registration sheet and paper-based registration fee).
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes regarding the route, program and date!
  9. The purpose of the Rules is to create a fair atmosphere on the race, ensure the safety of participants and the quality of the race; to highlight the abilities and performance of the racers without too much limitation of their racing freedom; to define technical and personal conditions of the race, and enforce them; to regulate the activity of racers and judges; to punish those, who violate the Rules.
  10. Protestation process:
  11. In cases not regulated in the Rules, the Protestation Commission makes decision.
  12. Protestation is available in case of violating the Rules, in detailed description, by designating the subject and start number, submitted at the Organizer.

XIV. Right to participate:

      1. Only registered racers with start number may participate on the Race.
      2. Pre-registration is possible only in that case, if the Racer transfers the registration fee prior to the closure of registration, to the provided bank account number. Otherwise, application will be denied.
      3. In case of that Racer, who registers after the registration, received application and registration fees are considered as invalid, and no refund is available.
      4. The Racer shall wear the start number received from the Organizer during the whole race, attached to the T-shirt with clips.
      5. The Racer shall follow the so-called “fair play” disciplines during the race, without limiting other racers in their races.
      6. The Racer shall obey the orders of the Organizer and the judge.
      7. The Racer declares by submitting the application (registration), that his/her fitness level is appropriate.

Organizers reserve the right to make changes in any parts of the event, and the applicant (Racer) accepts that by submitting his/her application!

Szigliget, 12th March 2017.

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The semi-marathon distance is currently the most popular one among all races in the country. It is neither short, nor long, an average runner can prepare him/herself, however it means such a serious challenge, that after the race, the well-merited medal, having a good lunch and relax is desired. The distance is around 21.25 km, whose biggest part drives directly next to the Balaton.


  • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 20-35 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 35-50 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 50+ men and women 1-2-3.

Level time: 3 hours.


Distance Description
0. km Start – Finish station
2. km Avas church ruins
7. km Szigliget Primary School
9.2 km Start – Finish station (and: DUO and TRIO first relay point)
11 km Avas church ruins
12.5 km Szigliget Primary School
14.8 km Start – Finish station (and:  TRIO second relay point)
16.7 km Avas church ruins
18.2 km Szigliget Primary School
21.250 m Finish
Attention, data above are informative only, there may be differences in the exact distances!

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We introduced the individual quarter-marathon category in Tihany, and most participants have chosen this category. The relay is exactly at the quarter-marathon there, but here, due to the track design, the distance is a bit shorter, but this is almost 10k. Perhaps the most ideal choice for challengers, who have been running only for a while!


  • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 20-35 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 35-50 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 50+ men and women 1-2-3.
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Perhaps it was our most popular distance at Tf. Perhaps this was because many start to run only now, they have a mood now, and a relay team would be too much, but 6 km can be achieved by everyone; you get such adrenalin and mood to continue, that next year you can try with other distances as well. So for beginners, re-beginners: “let’s do it 6k”!:)


  • 0-20 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 20-35 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 35-50 men and women 1-2-3.
  • 50+ men and women 1-2-3.

Refreshment points

Distance Description
0. km Start – Finish station
2. km Avas church ruins
3.5. km Szigliget Primary School
6.2 km Start – Finish station
Attention, data above are informative only, there may be differences in the exact distances!
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It is a way easier for you here, however, you do not miss anything, because you have to complete more rounds on the tract, so you pass next to the spectacles. 10.5 is an already nice distance, so be prepared!:) Many arrived here on the Tf in duos and trios, this is one of the most popular formation. Time measurement is performed so, that you pass the chip to each other at the relay points.


  • absolute 1-2-3

Level time: 3 hours.

distribution of distances

  1. phase: 9.2 km
    II. phase: 11.2 km

refreshment and relay points

Distance Description
0. km Start – Finish station
2. km Avas church ruins
7. km Szigliget Primary School
9.2 km Start – Finish station (DUO and TRIO first relay point)
So: in duo category, the relay point will take place at the Start-Finish station!
11 km Avas church ruins
12.5 km Szigliget Primary School
14.8 km Rajt – Cél állomás (egyben TRIÓ második váltópont)
16.7 km Avas church ruins
18.2 km Szigliget Primary School
21.25 km Finish
Attention, data above are informative only, there may be differences in the exact distances!
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In the trio, everyone has to struggle with around the same distance, so there are 7-7-7 km in front of you (distances may vary based on the deployment of refreshment points, we are going to provide detailed information about it soon!). Time measurement is performed so, that you pass the chip to each other at the relay points.


  • absolute 1-2-3

Level time: 3 hours.

distribution of distances

  1. phase: 9.2 km
    II. phase: 5.6 km
    III. phase: 5.6 km

refreshment and relay points

Distance Description
0. km Start – Finish station
2. km Avas church ruins
7. km Szigliget Primary School
9.2 km Start – Finish station (DUO and TRIO first relay point)
So: the runner running the first phase enters here, the second runner also relays at the start-finish station.
11 km Avas church ruins
12.5 km Szigliget Primary School
14.8 km Start – Finish station (TRIO second relay point)
So: the runner running the second phase enters here, the relaying thirdrunner also relays at the Start – Finish station
16.7 km Avas church ruins
18.2 km Szigliget Primary School
21.25 km Finish